Bending beam load cell GS-2

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Bending beam load cells for weighing platforms, hoppers, tanks, etc. of low and medium capacity
Bending beam load cell

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  • Bending beam load cell GS-2
  • Bending beam load cell GS-2 Scheme

Technical Specifications

MaterialStainless steel
Capacities10250 kg
Safe over load150 % F.S.
Breaking overload300 % F.S.
Supply voltageVcc 15 Max
Output2 mV/V
Output tollerance0,1 % F.S.
Zero tollerance1 % F.S.
Linearity0,03 % F.S.
Hysteresis0,03 % F.S.
Reapeatability0,03 % F.S.
Input resistance380-386 ohm
Output resistance350-351 ohm
Insulation resistance>= 2000 Mohm
Creep (30 min)0,03 % F.S.
Temperature range-10 / +40 C
Max temperature range-20 / +70C
Temperature effect zero0,003 % F.S. / C
Temperature effect output0,002 % F.S. / C
Protection classIP 67
Nominal load10 kg 15 kg 25 kg 50 kg 100 kg 150 kg 200 kg 250 kg


Length5 m (body lead cell not connected shield)
Red+ IN
Black- IN
Yellow+ REF
Blue- REF
Green+ OUT
White- OUT